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 Official YakuZa clan member and ranking list

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PostSubject: Official YakuZa clan member and ranking list   Mon May 11, 2009 3:37 pm

Leader Ranks (Administrators and Moderators of the forum)
Leader - Ldr
Coleader - CoLdr
Marshal (Or Division General) - Msh (or DivGen)
General - Gen

Normal Ranks
Colonel - Col
Major - Mjr
Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - 1Lt
Second Lieutenant - 2Lt
Sergeant Major - SMj
Sergeant First Class - SFC
Sergeant - Sgt
Corporal - Cpl
Lance-Corporal - LCpl
Private 1st Class - PFC
Private - Pvt

Special Ranks
Legend - Lgd
Veteran - Vet

Elite Ranks
Warrant Officer - WO
Chief Warrant Officer - CWO

Members with Ranks:

{-YC-}Brack{Ldr} alexpacini

Alpha Squad:

Delta Squad:
{-YC-}MirkuzZz{Gen} scorpion97


{-YC-}Mirotic{Vet} bluesky75
{-YC-}Xiaode Lin{Vet} xiaodelin
{-YC-}Dark Ghost{Pfc} darkghost10
{-YC-}Nexus{Pfc} nexus922
{-YC-}Commander Marty{Pvt} commandermarty0412


]-TX-[Pac¡o.™ gabrypacio95
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Official YakuZa clan member and ranking list
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