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PostSubject: VOTE SYSTEM   VOTE SYSTEM I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2010 6:32 pm

You need 3 votes to be in;meanwhile who was yc but he left and now he returned to apply he need 4 votes:

There are two different kinds of votes, the leader votes and the member votes, leader votes are the votes that you can have by people with these ranks:

Leader - Ldr
CoLeader - Coldr
Marshal - Msh
General - Gen

Only people with these 4 ranks can give a leader vote, the leader vote count as 1 vote
The other ranks can give a member vote, member vote counts as 0.5

Here it is:
1 ldr vote + 1 member vote = 1.5 vote
2 ldr votes = 2 votes
2 member votes = 1 vote
1 ldr vote + 2 members votes = 2 votes

There are also the No-Votes, only the people who can give a leader vote can also give a No-Vote.

Here you are again:
1 no-vote + 1 vote (member or ldr) = 0 votes
2 no-votes = denied
2 votes = accepted !

Thanks for have read
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